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Acme: We are building a great commodity in Human and Social Capital

A Global Ghanaian Services Company

In the later part of 2011, a team of humble Ghanaians started to organise under one company to compile expertise of almost 40 years in Solution and Service Delivery in Africa, Europe and the Americas. Acme Consultancy Ltd, a Ghanaian based company, is dedicated to the promotion of highly accountable, techno-centric, socio-economic ventures in it's home continents; Africa, Europe and North America. We are privileged with Intellectual Property that keeps us ahead of the competition.

We build through Education, Consulting and Innovating Solutions and Services for Excellence!

Human Capital and Resource Efficiency Program™ | Expat Services and Solutions | GreenLife™

We built an action based methodology with human capital principles aided with collaboration technology to market modern skill-sets that evolve labour landscapes.

Our ground knowledge supported with Geographical Information Databases ensures we understand the needs of our customers before they know their challenges.

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- Services and Solutions
- Mentoring and Training
- Technology & Telecommunications
- Green Life™ Solutions

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